Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

  • Tips For Protecting Trees From Mechanical Damage

    Most landscape trees have a relatively protected life, since they are provided with access to plenty of water and fertilizer. One thing they aren't always protected from, though, is mechanical damage. This damage occurs from things like lawnmowers, string trimmers, and vehicles – anything that bumps and damages the tree. The following tips can help you avoid this type of damage so your trees remain healthy. Tip #1: Install a mulch circle

  • When Do You Not Need An Arborist Report To Remove A Tree?

    In an effort to keep cities green and reduce pollution, many Canadian cities require that property owners file an arborist report prior to removing any large trees or constructing a building near them. There are, however, several instances where you do not need to file a report, usually based on the tree's health or size. Although these exemptions are relatively common throughout Canada, your local ordinances may vary, and each city's bylaws on the subject are slightly different.

  • Pruning A Mature Oak Tree: Important Dos And Don'ts

    Oak trees can be a beautiful part of the landscaping in any neighborhood, but if left to grow out of control, they can not only become an eyesore, but a hazard as well. Overgrown oak trees are more prone to disease and are at a greater risk of having limbs collapse. Fortunately, taking the time to prune a mature oak tree from time to time can keep it healthy and looking its best.

  • Three Things Homeowners With Trees Should Be Doing Each Fall

    Trees add an element of beauty to a yard, but if you want them to stay looking beautiful, you must care for them properly. Most tree care tasks, including heavy pruning and fertilization, are best done in the spring and summer. However, there are a few things you'll want to do in the fall to care for your trees. Lightly prune away obviously dead and damaged branches. You want to avoid removing large numbers of tree branches in the fall, since this could inhibit the tree's ability to thrive through the winter.

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    Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

    Trimming trees didn't sound hard, which is why I decided to try it on my own. After finding a ladder and renting a pair of pruning shears, I started working on my own yard. Unfortunately, about an hour later, I could tell that I had caused some damage. Some of the trees looked absolutely botched, which made me worry about things like disease and fungal infections. I realized that I needed to work with a real professional and learn a little more about tree service. This blog is all about how to avoid tree trimming mistakes, which is information I could have used a few months ago.