Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

Pruning A Mature Oak Tree: Important Dos And Don'ts

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Oak trees can be a beautiful part of the landscaping in any neighborhood, but if left to grow out of control, they can not only become an eyesore, but a hazard as well. Overgrown oak trees are more prone to disease and are at a greater risk of having limbs collapse. Fortunately, taking the time to prune a mature oak tree from time to time can keep it healthy and looking its best. Should you conduct your own tree pruning, instead of hiring a company like Arbor Man Tree Care, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

DO Make Two Cuts on Large Branches

When cutting large branches, it's best to use a chainsaw. However, you won't want to cut straight through the branch in one motion. Doing so can cause the bark to tear, which makes the tree more prone to insect infestation and disease. Ensure a clean cut by first cutting about halfway through the branch from the bottom and then finishing off the cut by slicing the rest of the way from the top down.

DON'T Leave Any Knobs

When you cut a tree branch of any size from your oak tree, be careful not to leave any knobs. Ideally, the branches you cut should end up flush with the side of the tree trunk. This will help to reduce the chances of your tree catching a disease or even becoming infested by insects. This will also help ensure healthy new growth for the tree itself.

DO Check With Your Local Nursery

Depending on your climate and where you live, oak trees may need to be pruned at certain times of the year. Generally, oak trees should be pruned either during the summer or winter. The best way to find out what time of year the oak species in your area need to be pruned is to consult with a professional at your local plant nursery.

DON'T Forget the Sealer

To further reduce the risk of infection, disease, and infestation in a tree where you have pruned back branches, you may also want to apply a sealant to the branches and limbs you have pruned back. This will make these susceptible areas less permeable to insects and disease. You can typically use paint to seal up these areas of the trees, but check with your local nursery; there's a good chance they will sell a sealant product specifically made for use when pruning trees.


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Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

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